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Members Only - Virtual/Remote Computer Clinic

NSCS Onsite Computer Clinics Cancelled: Because of the closing of the McCarthy Auditorium at the PMLP due to COVID-19 virus concerns, we have had to cancelled our Onsite Computer Clinics.

We are currently using the best Remote/Virtual alternatives for providing Clinic Support during these difficult times. Below are the steps that you need to take to get started. If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop us an email - info AT

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

General Information

The North Shore Computer Society (NSCS) holds Virtual & Remote Computer Clinics, for Members-Only. Jerry Adams, our Engineer Extraordinaire, with the help of an expert group of talented volunteers, can provide Virtual/Remote help with most of your computer hardware and software problems.

If your computer has been acting up since you installed that new hardware or software, or if you are having some other kind of computer problem, follow the steps below to access our Virtual/Remote Members-Only Computer Clinic for diagnosis and possible repair.

Advanced Confirmation E-mail Required

To assure that we have the right tools and software available to help, you must send an e-mail request to Dick Jewell, "djewell AT northshorecomputer DOT org" and describe your particular situation in detail. Once confirmed, we will followup by email to discuss the process for diagnosis and possible repair.

Registration and Hours

Our Virtual/Remote Computer Clinics are available to Members-Only. Access is on a first request, first served basis. Advanced Confirmation E-mail required.

Clinic Fees

There is no additional fee for NSCS members attending the Computer Clinic. If you're not a member and need some help with a sick computer or device, why not join today?

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