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Who we are and what we do

The North Shore Computer Society (NSCS) is a non-profit - 501(c)(7), educational, all volunteer organization, helping people of all ages to learn more about computers and other technology devices. We do this by providing educational programs/meetings and clinics from September through June, all now either Virtual or Remote due to Covid-19 concerns.

Member Benefit Details
NSCS Members can participate in Tech Talk sessions at every meeting, take advantage of Remote/Virtual, member-only Computer Clinics, and have access to previously recorded presentations and Tech Talk sessions.

Our focus is on helping NSCS members get answers to their questions about their technology problems and/or about current technology issues of the day.

The North Shore Computer Society has attracted participants from over sixty communities in eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

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In order to grow and survive on our mission, we need to increase our membership numbers to support our efforts over the coming year.

For a modest $40 annual fee, members receive a year's worth of great support through our Virtual Member-Only Computer Clinics, Super Tech Talk Sessions and engaging Monthly Programs, like our April 2022 program on Google Apps/Programs.

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Join the NSCS now, and you will support a non-profit organization that has provided valuable educational programs for more than twenty-five years.

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The NSCS cannot survive on dues alone. We need additional financial support in the form of contributions and gifts, which though they are not tax-deductible, go a long ways towards keeping our important services available to all.

We cannot survive without your financial support! Your contributions are critical to our continued success.

NSCS Meetings & Computer Clinics Are All Now Virtual!
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