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A Valuable..Membership

"I discovered what an incredible value a North Shore Computer Society membership is, and how expert the NSCS clinic techs are, years ago when they took less than a half hour to banish a nasty bug that had defeated Norton Security AntiVirus! Shortly after that they found me an HP Pavillion Slimline with Windows 10 to replace my slow old eMachine. This year on their advice I purchased a solid-state hard drive and our top techs spent two days installing it -- my HP computer now is "wicked fast" and has been trouble free ever since."

Linda B.

[NSCS Membership] Worth it's weight in gold

Thanks so much to Jerry for spending time to check my computer and clear it of any likely damage from the scam attack I got hit with on Saturday. Once again the NSCS proves it is worth its weight in gold.

Linda B.

Can't Say Enough...

“I can’t say enough good things about NSCS!!! They are an extremely knowledgeable group of people who offer talks on current topics and go the extra mile to solve computer problems. A fun and welcoming group par excellence!!!!”

Sue C

Definitely Recommend the [NSCS]

“I would definitely recommend the North Shore Computer Society to anyone who wants to learn anything more about computers. They encourage all questions and really want to provide answers amid a very congenial atmosphere”

Ann S

Bargain of the Century

"The North Shore Computer Society is an invaluable resource for computer owners (as well as for those who use mobile phones and tablets). For only the cost of my modest and affordable dues membership, the expert, professional technical help I've received at the Computer Clinics has kept my MacBook Pro running like new while saving me many hundreds of dollars. When I say the technical expertise the North Shore Computer Society offers is 'The Bargain of the Century,' I'm not exaggerating!"

Rick H.

A Great Resource..

"Since joining the NSCS in the 80s or 90s, I've appreciated the programs that they have provided. Presenters have been well informed on emerging, cutting edge topics as well as on more traditional nuts-and-bolts issues and concerns. [The] NSCS is a unique and vital resource for anyone trying to navigate the digital world."

Stan F

The Clinic Team Made It So Much Easier..

"The clinic team has made it so much easier for someone with limited tech skills such as myself to transition to new computers, acquaint myself with Windows 10, install and reinstall programs that I frequently use, defeat scammers and otherwise use and enjoy my computer and other devices in so many ways that probably would be beyond my resources if I didn't belong to North Shore Computer Society."

Linda B.

As one of the original [NSCS] members, I can say that [they] have kept up with the times.

[The NSCS] "...does a great job of troubleshooting software or hardware problems or whatever our current computer head-scratcher is. During our monthly meetings, experts lead us through the thickets of multiple versions and types of software, and help us individually with information on just which new gadget we really want, or cheerfully answer what some others might think are simple questions. · Another part of each meeting is frequently devoted lectures on very specific subjects, such as how to save money on your telephone/computer bill or tips on efficiently tracing your ancestry while avoiding falling down rabbit holes. · Yes, we know you can get some answers on the Internet, but in a North Shore Computer Society meeting, you can do the same surrounded by like-minded people, many of whom will also learn a lot from the questions you ask."

Charlene L.

"NSCS...has been a lifesaver!"

My NSCS membership has been a life saver! The technological help is just the beginning. The meetings present new ideas and ways of solving problems with warm support and good humor. Ever grateful.

Ellen S