Computer Recycling At SDM Foundation

Computer Recycling At SDM Foundation

SDM Foundation is accepting old computers until the end of April:

"SDM’s Re-Home Computers Event

We are at the very end of our time for accepting donated computers. We will make appointments for people to come in with computers they want to donate for the next two weeks.

The computers must fulfill minimum requirements. The appointment will allow us to make sure each computer is working and that all personal information has been wiped from it.

We will accept applications from people who want to receive these donated computers for a few weeks more. We will ask for information about the kinds of computers they are accustomed to using, and what they will be using the computers for, in order to match our donated computers to our recipients.

Recipients will be required to come into the SDM shop for an appointment to receive their computer.

For more information about this event, visit our webpage

SDM accepts donations to support our mission of teaching people how to use technology. For more information about our mission and how we are fulfilling it, visit the
donation page on our website. "

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