Review of the NSCS Cordcutting meeting, and More

Review of the NSCS Cordcutting meeting, and More

On February 9th we had a very lively and informative meeting about Cable-TV-Cordcutting and the many options for watching movies and TV shows available via streaming - on your TV, computer, and even on your smartphone and tablet. We discussed the requirements to make it all happen. It is not complicated, but it does take some preparation to be successful. Who knew about 5G Home Internet?

Thank you to everyone for who participated and contributed their valuable experiences with streaming.

One NSCS member has since contributed the following additional information: "I've been experimenting for many years with the goal of cutting my costs, sometimes successfully and not so much other times. One of the sources that I've come to rely on is He has a website, newsletter and YouTube channel. Hard working guy. Here is a link to one of today's articles - Over Half of Americans Have Canceled Cable TV | Cord Cutters News"

To learn more about cordcutting and streaming, you can request a recording of the meeting.

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