Search & Tech News Websites

Search & Tech News Websites

Below are websites that are used by the techies who work at SDM Foundation, to help get answers to questions and problems. We highly recommend subscribing to their weekly newsletter, as well as poking around for helpful instruction and tips on the SDM Foundation Blog.


I get most of my information from online news sources and email newsletters. I read technology columns in the Boston Globe, New York Times and other sources through Apple News, as well as newsletters such as ReviewGeek, PCMag and Lifehacker.  Lifehacker has had some recent changes that make it even better! Read about the Lifehacker changes here. I also use Reddit, and follow several groups there that interest me, including things as disparate as Nonprofit news and Scratch projects.

I always look for these sources in my search results, especially if I am looking for opinions, as opposed to the steps to complete an action. I rarely click on results if I have never heard of the website.


How-To Geekwebsite a lot. For my work with small businesses, I often refer to the Hubspot Blog(for everything from marketing and social media to websites and email lists), the Hootsuite blog (for all things social media) and the Yoast blog (for SEO advice and tips). The WP Beginner website is also a great resource for website tutorials and associated product reviews.


LTT (Linus tech tips) on YouTube a lot. I also use PCGamer generally as a tech source.


Linus Tech Tips, PC Mag, Tom’s Hardware, sometimes Tech Crunch or CNET


Linus media group YouTube channels. It’s a pretty big company that reviews a lot of tech and they do a lot of great testing too. They have two main channels: Linus Media Group (LMG), Linus Tech Tips.


To stay up to date with technology, I keep up with current tech news. I will generally check Google news with the technology filter applied, or technology focused subreddits. Google news feeds can be customized to more heavily feature articles related to technology or other applied filters. For the Reddit pages I will usually look at r/Technology , r/technews and r/Futurology (although posts in this last board are not always strictly tech news).

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