Tech Websites/Links

Tech Websites/Links

Links to Technology Websites from 2/8/2024 Presentation

Less Technical

SDM Foundation – Great Local Resource in Melrose – Technology for Seniors and Others

About Kim Komando - The best tech support helplines for seniors - Best Computers for Seniors - The Best Phones for Seniors in 2024 - The Best Phones for Seniors in 2024

US Department of Homeland Security - Technology Support for Seniors

Wikipedia - Reliability of Wikipedia

More Technical

BGR - Respected sources of tech, entertainment, and science news

Dottotech – on YouTube

TechRadar - The Technology Experts

VOX - Explanatory journalism and…

Ars Technica - The Art of Technology

AnandTech – Independent Product Reviews

Tom’s Hardware - Helping you make the most of computer hardware,4260.html

9to5Mac – Apple/Mac on YouTube


David Pogue - Technology, science, language, and humor

Steve Dotto and Dotto Tech

Kevin Roose - Technology Columnist for The New York Times

Joanna Stern - Senior Personal Technology Columnist, The Wall Street Journal



Gemini (Bard is now Gemini)

Perplexity – It Gives Sources


ClickHere: Dina Temple-Rastin – 2023 Award Winning Podcast

Hard Fork – New York Times Podcast (may require subscription)


Khan Academy - a free non-profit: Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere

LinkedIn Learning - A Microsoft owned, Linked-In website

Coursera - Non-profit collaboration of businesses and colleges, profession oriented

Udemy - Professional Development - In-depth reviews of 10 online learning platforms - Lots of transparency about their evaluations

TechRadar - Best online courses and class site ratings

MasterClass – Streaming Platform for Lifestyle Classes

YouTube - Type “spanish lessons for beginner learners”

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