Tips for Online Account Security from SDM Foundation

Tips for Online Account Security from SDM Foundation

Over the last year [SDM has] written blog posts about many different aspects of keeping your online accounts secure. Together they show some of the breadth of actions that we should all be taking to keep ourselves safe.

In Tips for Online Account Maintenance and Security we talk about how security starts right from the set up of the online account. Providing true information, and reliable recovery methods is very important. Creating strong, unique passwords and managing those passwords is also discussed in Password Strength.

We encourage people to use two-factor authentication, which is the use of a second identification method, beyond the password. Usually this second method is a code sent to your phone or email.

Apple has created a new process for sharing passwords safely with close family and friends, and we describe that in How to Safely Share Apple Passwords. This can be useful in situations where you share accounts with other people, or as a backup in case you don’t have your passwords with you when you need them.

As an excellent example of how safety and security are always changing, our newest blog post, How to Protect your iPhone from Theft, describes updates that have just recently been introduced. While this Device Protection makes it harder for a thief to get into your iPhone, you also need to be aware of how it works so that it doesn’t make it harder for you to change account information on your phone.

For an overview of Internet Safety and Scam prevention, you can watch our YouTube Video which is from a presentation on that subject that was given to a multigenerational group organized by the Center for Research and Discovery within Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in collaboration with the Elder Healthcare Disparities Coalition, Inc.

If these methods don’t keep you safe, our post about How to Recover from Hack or Scam will help you recover. And of course, please call SDM Foundation if you have any other questions about this topic.

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